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Monday, November 06, 2006


Well, the bummer is I have to work tomorrow, severely hindering my personal GOTV efforts (and I was looking forward to it). Hopefully I can get out early.

The good news is that tomorrow will be the first day where it'll feel like we can take the country back. 2004 was a massive effort, but it was literallly nothing compared to this year. MoveOn members have made 6 million calls and contacted over 620,000 voters - and there's a whole day to go. The GOTV efforts by the DSCC and the DCCC surpassed their original goals. Regular people everywhere are pitching in, busing out to races beyond their districts, getting involved in grassroots democracy, making sure that all dirty tricks and atrocities are documented, answering the call at every turn.

And the reward is palpable.

Good luck to everyone tomorrow.