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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

More Great Wins

Jason Altmire in PA-04 over Melissa Hart, Carol Shea-Porter over Jeb Bradley in NH-01 (which is amazing, she had virtually no money and was way down in the polls), Harry Mitchell over JD "Now I know why there's anti-Semitism" Hayworth in AZ-05, Mike Arcuri in NY-24 (I guess wrong-number-gate didn't move the numbers).

Allen and Webb are in a virtual tie. 6,000 votes among 2.5 million cast so far. Now 5,000! The Green candidate received four times more than that (thanks!).

Looks like NRCC head Tom Reynolds held against Jack Davis, who decided that it wasn't worth it to campaign (no joke).

Incidentally, it looks like 21 pickups are locks, with three others leaning strongly in our direction. 10 other races look incredibly close.

John Ensign and Jon Kyl have just been projected by CNN. Too little, too late for both of them. Jim Pederson and Jack Carter were polar opposite candidates. One had a lot of money and no grassroots supports. And one had a lot of grassroots support and no cash. If we put them together we'd have a chance.

UPDATE: Webb goes UP by 2,400 votes! Amazing!