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Monday, November 06, 2006

No Time For Gloom Or Doom

So Democrats are prone to nervousness, the media loves a horse race, and Republicans like to trash talk and are convinced of their own ascendency. So it's no surprise that everyone went into red alert mode after seeing some tightening on the generic ballot question over the weekend. First of all, even that tightening brought the race in line with the last generic ballot before the Republican Revolution of 1994. Second, there's no such thing as a generic ballot, as we've heard so much from Republicans when that poll looked bad for them. There are 468 individual races and that's what will determine the Congress. And, if you want to go ahead and trust that generic ballot, you should know that there's conflicting information, with CNN's poll showing a 20-point lead for the Democrats.

It's all irrelevant. There's one poll that matters, and one final chance to voice disapproval with Bush Administration policies at home and abroad. One last chance before they ride off into the sunset. The President is stumping for candidates that won't even appear with him. The Vice President WILL BE HUNTING on Election Day, in a craven attempt to get voters to please him before he shoots someone again.

There's simply no time to get worried. This is a mistake too many Democrats make, watching the polls instead of working on the ground. I will post a decent amount today but lightly tomorrow as I'll be getting out the vote and not coming up for air. I suggest that if you care about the future of the country you'll do the same.