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Monday, November 06, 2006

One Last Chance.

If you're framing the election, talking to undecided voters, making sure your friends go to the polls, it comes down to a simple statement.

One last chance.

This is the one last chance to register disapproval with Bush Administration policies that have made us less secure, both in terms of national security and financial security. George W. Bush will never be on a ballot again. You'll never again get to voice your discontent by targeting his enablers in Congress.

One last chance.

If you want to restore fiscal responsibility and stop borrowing against our children and grandchildren's future, one last chance.

If you want to ensure that someone who works hard and plays by the rules makes enough to feed, clothe and shelter themselves in this country, one last chancce.

If you believe health care is a right and not a privilege, if you believe we cannot allow their citizens to go untreated for disease and illness, one last chance.

If you'd like to see an increase in real hourly wages so that we rein in the stratification between rich and poor in this country, one last chance.

If you think our homeland is not yet secure, one last chance.

If you would like to see a government that does not have contempt for governing, one last chance.

If you believe America should not be on the low end of Western societies in Internet connectivity and infant mortality and math & science achievement, one last chance.

If you think an America that leads the world in human rights cannot torture and detain without trial and undermine the ideals for which we fight, one last chance.

If you ever want to see our troops come home from the nightmare of Iraq, one last chance.

If you want a Congress that is tough and smart on foreign policy instead of belligerent and stupid, one last chance.

I'm sure you can come up with plenty more, but the answer is the same. One last chance.

Two years is a long time, plenty of time to continue to lay waste to the Constitution and create more havoc globally. It's too long to not pay more than lip service to global warming and energy independence and fiscal sanity. It's too long to give this President and his cadre another free pass.

And this is the only day in the next two years where George Bush has to listen to us. And we have to be loud and clear. NO. No to what you've done and what you plan to do.

So that's the only way you need to address friends, family, strangers in these final hours.

One last chance.