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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Rahm Emanuel

"We accept your votes, not as a victory for our party, but as an opportunity for our country."

I'm not the biggest Rahm Emanuel fan, but that's a good quote, and this is a good speech. All about putting country over party. "Time for the endless campaign to stop and the hard work of governing to begin."

There's going to be a race to define this race within the Democratic Party. In my mind, if you look at the wins, in Kentucky, in Kansas, in Florida, all over the map... the clear winner here is Howard Dean and his 50-state strategy, where EVERY race is contested, where EVERY vote is sought. In 2004 we were cheering ourselves with one or two victories, and we were literally lost in the woods, wondering where to go next. Howard Dean was made the leader of the party and in just two short years you see these incredible results. I'm talking tactical rather than ideological now, but Howard Dean carried this party on his back and dragged it across the finish line.

I'll have some more post-mortem stuff tomorrow.