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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Victory Democrats

What Ken Mehlman just said, trying to distinguish between the "cut-and-runners" and the good upstanding types like Joe Lieberman who want to win in Iraq.

Hey Ken, here are some victory Democrats:

NC-11, Heath Shuler.
FL-16, Tim Mahoney.

Nancy Pelosi, your Speaker of the House. It's almost assured at this point. I think it'll end up smaller than my prediction, but more than 15, without question. CNN has it up to 9 now.

Of course Tweety let Kenny get away with that lingo. But the truth is we're not winning in Iraq right now. The whole nation knows that. And they know that course correction is needed badly. That's why you're seeing this election going this way. Your leadership has failed. Your policy has failed. The voters have spoken.