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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Dealbreakers and the GOP Primary

Food for thought:

An intriguing new poll contains some slightly sobering news for at least three of the 2008 Presidential hopefuls: It appears that Americans are more willing to vote for an African American or a woman than they are for a Mormon, someone who's advanced in years, or someone who's been married three times.

Black — 94% would vote for, 5% would not
A woman — 88% would vote for, 11% would not
Mormon — 72% would vote for, 24% would not (Romney)
Married for the third time — 67% would vote for, 30% would not (Giuliani)
72 years of age — 57% would vote for, 42% would not (McCain)

Wow, McCain comes in dead last in that reckoning. And if they added "raised taxes while governor," which is Huckabee's sore thumb, among Republicans that "would vote for" number would be around 10%.

It's going to be a long primary season for Republicans...

...adding, to me, none of this stuff is a dealbreaker, though Mormonism is pretty much a con game, albeit one involving magic underpants.

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