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Monday, February 26, 2007

Oh Oscar

Seen on Highland Avenue last night: "Left Lane - Limos Only."

It amused the heck outta me.

I'm as little a fan of The Departed as I am any remake that has no reason to be remade (DiCaprio isn't Asian? Americans aren't into reading? Was this the reason?), I'm glad Marty Scorsese got his long-overdue Oscar. Same for Al Gore (except he DIDN'T win the award! The director did! Saying that a Best Documentary award goes to the subject would be like saying that the pedolphile priest is an Oscar winner, if Deliver Us From Evil won). But personally, The Queen was the best picture I saw this past year. But it would have been out of the top ten the year before, so it was a bad lot.

And I won my Oscar pool. So there.

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