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Monday, February 26, 2007

President of 9-11

Sometimes The Onion just nails it:

At a well-attended rally in front of his new Ground Zero headquarters Monday, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani officially announced his plan to run for president of 9/11.

"My fellow citizens of 9/11, today I will make you a promise," said Giuliani during his 18-minute announcement speech in front of a charred and torn American flag. "As president of 9/11, I will usher in a bold new 9/11 for all."

According to Washington–based political analyst Gregory Hammond, Giuliani's candidacy "should not be underestimated."

"Sure, he has no foreign or national policy experience, and both his personal life and political career are riddled with scandal," said Hammond. "But in the key area of having been on TV on 9/11, the other candidates simply cannot match him. And as we saw in 2004, that's what matters most to voters in this post-9/11 world."

The sad part is that it's working, at least in the early polls. The uber-secret Council for National Policy, made up of the Dobson-Falwell nutcase faction, can cry all they want and try to get some conservative empty suit to rescue their access to the Dominion. But my sense is that Republican primary voters want someone to be President of 9-11. And McCain's too untrustworthy, and too yoked to the Iraq war, to be that choice.

After the speech, McCain was asked by an audience member if he was "sucking up to the religious right." He drew laughs by responding: "What's wrong with sucking up to everybody?"

Now there's a political epitaph.

We have a Republican Party that's so damaged by years of Bush rule, so hated in the nation and the world, that they believe their only hoe is to turn to someone who happened to be on TV the day planes flew into the World Trade Center. Someone being judged by their actions on one day, and not even by the quality of the actions, but by the perception. And they say Obama is inexperienced...

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