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Monday, February 26, 2007

That Well-Worn Phrase

What Digby said:

(Wolf Blitzer and Jeff Greenfield) both marvelled at the tremendous response Schwarzenegger gets when he's in public. Wolf commented that when he was in Las Vegas recently for a sporting event, Schwarzenegger turned up with Maria and "he was greeted like a rock star!"

Uhm no. He was greeted like a fucking movie star, which is what he is. The man was one of the highest grossing box office attractions in the world for a couple of decades and yet Blitzer and Greenfield seem to think the fact that the public gets excited in his presence has something to do with his politics.

Arnold's political star quality has to do with the fact that... he was a star, for a long time. Nobody's flocking to his message of post-partisanship. Most people don't know what "post-partisanship" is. They want to see the guy who beat up the T-1000.

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