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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Iglesiasgate: And Out Come The Subpoenaes

David Iglesias and 3 other former federal prosecutors will be summoned to testify on Capitol Hill by the House Judiciary Committee to explain their assessment of the Justice Department's prosecutor purge. This is a serious abuse of power, and things are looking worse and worse for the White House on this one. Meanwhile, Wilson and Domenici met the press today:

David Iglesias said in published reports this week that he believes he was forced out of office as U.S. attorney after resisting pressure from two members of Congress to push an ongoing investigation of a kickback scheme that might have helped Republicans in the 2006 elections [...]

Iglesias, a Republican, has not named the lawmakers who contacted him. All but Domenici and Wilson said Wednesday that it wasn't them.

In a brief interview Thursday, Domenici also denied the accusation. "I don't have any comment," he told The Associated Press. "I have no idea what he's talking about."

Wilson tersely referred questions to Iglesias' government supervisors.

"You should contact the Department of Justice on that personnel matter," she said.

Or maybe the DoJ will be contacting you. Or at least the ethics committee.

Joe Monahan has much more, and this little tidbit struck me: could Republican Reps. in New Mexico be throwing each other under the bus?

The Alligators were besides themselves over the statement of Rep. Steve Pearce quickly denying that he was one of those congressional reps who Iglesias is saying made improper contact with him before the election.

"Did he really have to issue a statement right away? It could be read that Pearce was isolating Heather as the one who made the call." Argued one political veteran.

It's no secret that both Wilson and Pearce have their eye on the Domenici senate seat if and when it becomes available, so fairly or not, all actions of the two are going to be weighed in that context, this imbroglio being the latest example.

Veddy interestink.

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