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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A Terrible Day In Iraq

9 US soldiers died yesterday in explosions north of Baghdad. This is the same day that 38 Iraqis died when a suicide bomber detonated a bookseller's market in the capital. And the same day that British troops raided Basra and found torture victims among the 30 prisoners being held in government offices, leading to the Prime Minister condemning THE RAID instead of, you know, the torture.

And this is the same day that US troops moved into Sadr City, in the lead instead of behind the Iraqis, and found pretty much nothing. Wow, it's like they told somebody they were coming. Repeatedly. And made sure they knew to hide while the US took care of Sunni areas first.

Meanwhile Jordan closed its borders to the majority of Iraqis, trying to artificially stop a refugee crisis, and former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi worked behind the scenes to crumble support for his successor Nouri al-Maliki.

Still, one could imagine major changes in the Iraqi government in coming months once it becomes clear that the surge has failed and the US has run out of purely military options. One danger of tinkering with the government after you mobilized all those voters is that there could be a violent reaction if the changes were viewed as simple imperialist imposition.

In the face of all this, and in the face of the fact that a slow-motion genocide is continuing unabated even while we stay in the country, Democrats have coalesced around a plan to...

Senior House Democrats, seeking to placate members of their party from Republican-leaning districts, are pushing a plan that would place restrictions on President Bush's ability to wage the war in Iraq but would allow him to waive them if he publicly justifies his position.

Under the proposal, Bush would also have to set a date to begin troop withdrawals if the Iraqi government fails to meet benchmarks aimed at stabilizing the country that the president laid out in January.

Damn. They're essentially pursuing the Lieberman strategy of shutting up for six months (a Friedman, if you will) and putting together another nonbinding piece of piffle. While a kitchen sink strategy of constant votes and constant pressure is needed, the Democrats seem content to stop with the lettuce sprayer.

UPDATE: 47 dead in Hilla, too. But don't worry, the surge is working and we have a truce in Washington, making Joe Lieberman happy.

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