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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

They're Going For It

Russ Feingold will attempt to cut funding for the war.

In a statement just sent to The BRAD BLOG, Senator Russ Feingold (D-WI) says he is prepared to up the ante in the fight with the White House in light of Bush's spending bill veto, and will be proposing that war funding be cut off by a date certain.

Feingold adds that his proposed legislation has a number of co-sponsors already on board in the Senate. His statement just in to The BRAD BLOG:

“With brave Americans fighting and dying for a failed policy in Iraq, members of Congress shouldn’t delay action to end this misguided war for weeks or even months just for the sake of political comfort. That is why, when the Senate takes up the Iraq supplemental, I plan to offer the Feingold-Reid bill as an amendment to force the President to safely redeploy our troops by March 31, 2008 at which point funding for the war would be cut off.”

There are 10 Senators signed on to Feingold-Reid. It's a long shot to get to 60. But the continued pressure attacks the Iraq issue from all angles. At least some in Congress are not content to just wait until September. The House bill appears to fund the war to July, and then ask for an additional vote. I'd rather just give them everything they need until a date certain and then stop it - stop funding this unnecessary escalation and occupation.

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