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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Big Trouble For Series of Tubes

We knew that Ted Stevens took bribes from Veco chief Bill Allen. We knew that the contruction worker who oversaw the renovation of his home also managed fundraisers for his campaign. What we didn't know is that the FBI taped him in a corruption sting. Until now.

The FBI, working with an Alaska oil contractor, secretly taped telephone calls with Sen. Ted Stevens as part of a public corruption sting, according to people close to the investigation. . . .

The recorded calls between Stevens and businessman Bill Allen were confirmed by two people close to the case who spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation is still under way. They declined to say how many calls were recorded or what was said.

Until we know what is on those calls, we can't really say much. But since they're between Series of Tubes and the guy who has admitted to bribing him, they can't be good.

Considering that Stevens has been in Congress 50 years, he was probably doing what came naturally. His entire political life has been pay-to-play. The biggest surprise is that it's finally catching up to him.

UPDATE: Tom DeLay, who's already been indicted, may have more trouble coming his way, too.

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