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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Breeding the Authoritarian Mindset

The Giuliani campaign has mnade it very clear that they have no relationship with the supporters who are throwing a fundraiser and asking for contributions of $9.11. But it's not difficult to determine how these supporters came up with the idea. Their candidate is someone who relates 9/11 to absolutely every issue imaginable, who uses the imagery in every speech, who indeed has made it the centerpiece of his campaign. Why would these moral lepers think there would be a problem with raising money off the backs of the dead at Ground Zero, too?

Somehow, an advertisement in a paper is beyond the pale, but using the anniversary of an American tragedy to fundraise doesn't cause anyone to bat an eyelash. The Giuliani team could do more than say they had nothing to do with the event; they could refuse the money. And they could stop making the surfeit of inferences that result in such behavior.

UPDATE: Chris Dodd on the controversy:

"Exploiting the September 11th attacks for fundraising purposes is absolutely unconscionable, shameless and sickening. Mr. Giuliani was quick to express much vitriol for the independent ad created by last week; we would hope he would express the same kind of outrage and indignation about this group that he is the beneficiary of.

"Furthermore, Mr. Giuliani should reject and/or return any money raised and ask that their activities on his behalf stop immediately."

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