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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Go Fightins

The obligatory monthly sports post highlights the Phillies, perennial losers (they're the only franchise with 10,000 of them) who had a killer September and capped off one the greatest comebacks in baseball history today. Now I'm hoping for a Padre win tomorrow so I can go down to San Diego for a playoff game (San Diego D-Day fans, chime in with your hook-ups). I remember working in a diner the last year they were decent, in 1993, and they were something like 15 games in front in the division, and I asked a patron "How about them Phillies," and he replied "I'm waiting for the other show to drop." This is the mentality of the Philadelphia sports fan, and yet they seem completely enamored of this year's Phils. After seeing the Red Sox and White Sox end long championship droughts in recent years, maybe some good things will happen for Philly in the playoffs. We deserve it.

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