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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Good On Jim Webb

After saying out loud that the completely insane resolution that Joe Lieberman wanted to insert into the Defense Authorization Bill amounted to a declaration of war, Jim Webb apparently inspired enough concern from the Dems that Harry Reid shelved the bill, though this doesn't sound like that'll last for long.

REID: There are efforts being made before we vote on them to modify those two amendments, because people have issues with both of those amendments. So, until we finalize what they really want to do, I think it would be unwise for me to say that I support Kyl-Lieberman, or don’t support it. I think I have to wait until I see what they are finally going to come up with, because some people have some real substantive problems with what’s in that Kyl-Lieberman amendment.

I guess the question that everyone should have is, why was this allowed to go this far before being pulled back? It appears that the Democratic leadership was perfectly happy to allow the Iranian equivalent of the Iraq Liberation Act, which wingers still talk about as an impetus for war with Iraq, to be pushed through the Senate, until Webb ruined their fun and let it be known publicly just how dangerous this is. Despite being disappointed with Webb's vote to condemn MoveOn, this is why I appreciate his presence in the Senate. He will say that which is otherwise unspeakable, and ruin the little establishment tea parties which inevitably lead to more war.

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