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Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Look Back At The Career Of Larry Craig

In the aftermath of Larry Craig's resignation from the Senate on this day, September 30, let's have a flashback and look at the best moments of... what's this now? He's not resigning today? Hm, OK... well, apparently Republicans are going to try and force him into some kind of retirement by airing all his dirty laundry in public.

Worried that the disgraced lawmaker intends to remain in the Senate indefinitely, they are threatening to notch up the public humiliation by seeking an open ethics hearing on the restroom scandal that enveloped Craig last month.

The Senate hearing would examine the original charges in Craig’s case, including the allegation of “interference with privacy,” for peeping into the bathroom stall occupied by an undercover police officer. One senior Republican aide imagined “witnesses, documents, all in front of the klieg lights.” The committee also could look for “a pattern of conduct” — which means combing court records in other locales to discover whether Craig had prior arrests that haven’t come to light.

These are the people that want to keep the government out of your lives, remember. Yet they're perfectly happy with humiliating a guy who's been a loyal soldier for 30 years, because they fear that just this one person will blow their moral integrity, not the other dozens over the past few years. I have no real love for Larry Craig, a closeted gay man who has made life miserable for homosexuals through his votes right until the end: he voted against expanding hate crime laws to cover homosexuals just last week. But clearly, the way the knives have come out against him is extremely telling. The Republican Party is vicious, heartless and downright mean.

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