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Friday, September 21, 2007

The Random Ten Returns - Eventually

So I did get my iPod Touch in the mail, only to find that it only works with Mac OS 10.4 and above. Which I have on my laptop but not my desktop. And of course, my desktop is where all my music resides. It's one of those fun little Easter eggs that Apple throws at you every now and again to keep it fun. Like the time when they just stopped allowing you to connect your iPod using FireWire, forcing everyone to buy a USB cord. Fun! I love planned obsolescence!

So while I'm in the midst of dealing with that, I only have a couple hundred songs to choose from on the iPod, which is no fun. I'll put one up over the weekend. It'll give me time to add to 50 Cent's retirement pressure by getting the new Kanye album, anyway.

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