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Thursday, October 18, 2007

The D-Day Bump

I've been so darn busy this week that I haven't had a moment to congratulate one of the heroes, Stephen Colbert, for saving America by jumping into the Presidential race. He's attempting to get on the ballot in both the Republican and Democratic primaries in South Carolina, his home state. Apparently it'll cost some coin:

The fee to be considered for the Democratic ballot is $2,500, while it’s a hefty $35,000 to gain admittance into the Republican primary.

Colbert has indicated he will seek to appear on each party's ballot and the South Carolina Secretary of State's office confirms a candidate is allowed to run in both primaries.

But it remains to be seen if the State Democratic Party's Executive Committee, whose approval Colbert needs to get on their ballot, will vote to certify a candidate who is also running in the GOP race. The rules state the candidate must be "actively campaigning" for the Democratic primary.

Meanwhile, the State Republican Party does not require an executive committee vote and would not prevent a candidate from appearing on both ballots.

I'm giving him the D-Day bump, which should increase his poll numbers quite a bit, as my audience in South Carolina is beyond comprehension. If he sets up an Act Blue page he could raise that $37,500 in no time. Hell, he could probably outraise McCain in the space of a week.

Truthiness '08. Would it really be all that different?

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