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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Et Tu, New York Times?

This headline, "Global Warming Starts to Divide G.O.P. Contenders," made me chuckle. As far as I can tell, the divide is between how much to give in subsidies to the coal and nuclear ower industries. John McCain's call for cap-and-trade is weak, and reflected in this bill that used to have his name on it. Lieberman-Warner, formerly Lieberman-McCain, would give maybe trillions of dollars in subsidies to polluting industries.

There is no divide because there is a fairly broad consensus on the right when it comes to global warming. It doesn't exist, it should be used as a element of mockery when it's cold in winter in Minnesota, as well as a reminder that Al Gore is fat, and to the extent that anything at all should be done, those actions must protect and reward polluting industries while expanding other potentially dangerous industries like nuclear power and dissembling about the myth of "clean coal." Oh yeah, and lots and lots of ethanol, because the Iowa caucuses are right around the corner.

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