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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Michelle Malkin: Welfare Queen

Our Lady Of The Internment Camps may want to read this post to understand that she is being subsidized by the federal government for her health care, even today.

After ranting about S-CHIP and other government medical programs being socialism or whatever, she crows how wise her government-funded MSA (Medical Savings Account) account was as a 'choice'. Whether the government directly sends funds to insurance companies, or the taxpayer gets a tax deduction to fund a MSA, the government is still paying part or all of the cost. Somehow she can't quite admit to sucking on the same mammary gland as those she denounces.

I will be immediately going over to her house and looking to see if her kitchen surfaces are granite-topped. She's stealin' from hardworking taxpayers like you and me!

(MSAs, by the way, are pretty much health savings accounts, which are tax shelters for those with the available cash to put into a fund for health care. In other words, they're welfare for rich people.)

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