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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Romney Presidency Would Be A Boost For The Knife Industry

This is an almost incomparable statement for any military member to make, let along one who has just become Mitt Romney's National Security Adviser.

TOM FOREMAN (voice-over): If you could save the life of a soldier, rescue the hostage children; stop the next terrorist bomb by torturing a prisoner for information, would you do it?
JAMES "SPIDER" MARKS, MAJOR GENERAL, U.S. ARMY (RET.): I'd stick a knife in somebody's thigh in a heartbeat.

FOREMAN (on camera): Retired General "Spider" Marks, a CNN consultant, worked for U.S. Army Intelligence, teaching interrogation.

MARKS: The kinds of enemies we're fighting have no sense of right or wrong. They will go to any depths to achieve their ends.

FOREMAN: Do we have to go with them?

MARKS: We don't need to go with them. We need to preclude them from going there. And that might include some use of torture in order to prevent it.

The problem here is that the "A Team" of nutjob ideologues has been discredited by the Bush Administration and now we're getting the B Team. So we get advisers who would gladly stab someone with a knife to meet their own ends, and who would even bother to answer such a ridiculous "ticking bomb" scenario that pretty much never happens in reality. Such stabbing wouldn't yield even half-decent information, would increase the risk to our own troops, and would put us in the morally debased position we find ourselves in today. It's unconscionable to turn to lunatics like this for advice.

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