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Friday, November 09, 2007

House Republican Made Endangered Species By Department Of Fish And Wildlife

Jim Saxton's gone:

Rep. Jim Saxton, the twelve-term Republican from New Jersey's 3rd District, plans to retire after his current term, an announcement that could come as early as today, according to sources familiar with his decision.

Saxton's retirement opens up a seat he has held since 1984 and creates another vulnerable open seat for House Republicans. President Bush narrowly carried the district with 51 percent in 2004, and Democrats had been making noise about a potential challenge to Saxton in 2008.

Barbara Cubin's outta here.

Roll Call is reporting that Congresswoman Barbara Cubin (R-WY) will reportedly announce her retirement tomorrow.

Cubin has been absent from the House for much of the year, caring for her ill husband back home in Wyoming. Cubin had already been facing a primary challenge from state House Majority Leader Colin Simpson, the son of former U.S. Senator Alan Simpson (R-WY), as well as a second campaign from 2006 Democratic nominee Gary Trauner.

I'd offer my sympathies to Rep. Cubin's family, but considering she threatened to slap a wheelchair-bound Libertarian opponent last year, I don't think she'd reciprocate.

WY-AL was a very close race last year, but I think Cubin's departure actually increases Republican chances. Nevertheless, both of these races will be closely contested, expanding the playing field for the cash-strapped Republicans (can't believe I'm writing THAT) even more.

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