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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

NE-SEN: Scott Kleeb

During this year's Yearly Kos I had the opportunity to spend some time with Nebraska's Scott Kleeb. A bunch of us took some netroots candidates out for a celebratory dinner downtown, and Kleeb kept saying to a bunch of us "One more drink, one more drink" and we ended up hanging out all night. He's a sharp guy, smart, and unafraid to tell you what he believes. In other words, nothing like a normal politician. A lot of candidates were handing out biographical material or buttons at Yearly Kos. Kleeb brought trees. Nebraska pine trees, symbolic of his interest in environmental issues and the kind of policies that have aided western Democrats in recent years.

Kleeb is being drafted to run for an open seat in the US Senate in Nebraska. He got about 47% of the vote in a Congressional race last year, so the smart move may just be to try again. But with the other possible candidate on the Democratic side saying no to the race, this could be Kleeb's moment. Here's Jonathan Singer:

There's a lot of buzz in Nebraska over Kleeb, and the effort to draft Kleeb into the Senate race is gaining steam. As someone with a proven track record of winning votes in the most Republican region of the state, Kleeb would be a strong candidate in a Senate race -- a race that the Republicans are already worrying enough about to send President Bush in on behalf of former Governor Mike Johanns.

So if you want to send a signal to Kleeb that you'd like to see him run in this key open seat race next fall, head over to or make a small but meaningful contribution to his campaign account through ActBlue today.

The state of the Senate races are such that Republicans will be playing defense all over the map. At least 5 races are already top-tier (Virginia, Colorado, New Mexico, New Hampshire, and Minnesota), with another 5 or even 10 in the second tier. There are going to be a few races where Republicans will just let their candidate be and hope for the best. Nebraska, one of the reddest states in the union, will be one of those places. And Scott Kleeb can win.

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