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Friday, November 16, 2007

Prop 93: Prison Guards Reverse Themselves

(This is about the term-limits initiative hitting the state ballot in February. First in a series)

Unexpected, at least to me:

The state correctional officers union on Friday reversed its earlier support of the Proposition 93 term-limits initiative and is promising to "put in as much as it takes" to help defeat the measure championed by Democratic Assembly Speaker Fabian Núñez of Los Angeles.

"We haven't determined the overall number yet, but we have not been shy in the past in spending money on causes we believe in," said Lance Corcoran, the spokesman for the California Correctional Peace Officers Association. "We're going to put in as much as it takes." [...]

In a prepared statement, CCPOA President Mike Jimenez said the union had changed its position because of the Legislature's failure to connect the term-limits measure to another proposal that would change the state's process for redrawing political boundaries.

Jimenez also ripped the Legislature's performance in the most recent session as "remarkable for the leadership's failures -- not its accomplishments -- on a wide range of issues."

I look forward to seeing angry screeds about what awful people the prison guards are on the California Majority Report. I'm guessing this is about that awful cave to Arnold on trying to build our way out of the prison crisis. Maybe if the Legislature showed a little leadership, they'd be getting some help in their incumbency-protection racket.

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