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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Rudy's New Campaign Buddy

While Rudy Giuliani's new strategy appears to be lying in wait while Mike Huckabee knocks off Mitt Romney and then pouring money into the Feb. 5 states for a victory, he certainly has to register somewhere before that happens, lest Huckabee just blows past him. With this new poll showing him way down in South Carolina and with Huckabee gaining in Florida, the hopes of scoring an early triumph is looking more and more remote. And now, there's a new friend on the campaign trail.

In front of the inn, two well-dressed men wore masks and held up signs meant to embarrass Giuliani for his close connection to Bernie Kerik, former New York City police commissioner. Kerik was indicted earlier this month on 16 felony counts including fraud, tax evasion and making false statements when applying for Homeland Security secretary. President Bush nominated Kerik on Giuliani's advice, only to withdraw the nomination a week later when Kerik's troubles began to come to light. Kerik could face up to 142 years in prison if convicted of the charges.

A man wearing a Giuliani mask has shown up to several Giuliani events in the state holding a sign that reads, "Free Bernie." Today, he held a "Best Friends Forever" sign and stood next to a man in an improvised mask that resembled Kerik's face.

If you're basing your Republican vote on electability, do you really want your candidate dogged by these kinds of characters, along with NYC firefighters and 9/11 families for 9 months?

The "wait until the big states" strategy has never worked, and when the candidate is fading fast and followed on the trail by the skeletons in his closet besides, the possibility shrinks more.

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