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Monday, November 05, 2007

Two Million. One Day.

Ron Paul's campaign held a "moneybomb" event today. He's reporting raising $2.2 million dollars.

Vanity campaigns on the order of Rep. Paul's are supposed to be able to sustain themselves because they're relatively cheap, driven by free media like debates, and without the resources to compete in a traditional way. Paul is running that type of campaign but actually getting more than enough money to make a real go at victory. I don't see how he gets that done unless every paleoconservative in the country floods the polls, but consider that even in the true-blue areas of California that I inhabit, I see plenty of Ron Paul stickers. In this state, where the Republican primary is segmented by district, with 3 delegates up for grabs in each one, Paul is running in blue areas like San Francisco, where there are less Republicans to target. And in New Hampshire, as I've been noting, he's tailor-made for the primary.

Nobody in EITHER party has approached raising two million online in a day (that's more than McCain or Huckabee currently have in the bank, I think). This is not some wacko fringe campaign.

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