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Friday, November 30, 2007


Tom Toles deserves a medal, especially because he's taking apart his own paper.

The Washington Post has been hammered by their front-page piece on Barack Obama, but never so skillfully as this cartoon.

Incidentally, the reporter responded to the criticism:

I thought the facts that 1. these falsehoods persist and 2. Obama make mentions of his time living in a Muslim country on the campaign trail as part of his foreign policy were both worth remarking. I think the story makes clear, including in the candidate's own words, he is a Christian.

That's of course not the problem. The problem is the whole story is designed as a kind of whodunit, assessing what might happen if Obama were a Muslim and how that would affect his candidacy. It's like the President constantly putting Iraq and Al-Qaeda in the same sentence in the run-up to war. People get the message.

There's no need to dignify bullshit Internet rumors except to smack them down (and maybe to try and find who's planting them, that would be some investigative journalism). The WaPo glorified them.

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