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Friday, December 07, 2007

Friday Random Ten

OK, walking out of my car, I dropped my iPod touch on the ground and cracked the glass. I'm still in shock. But it does still work, and it gives it that weathered look. I'm so indie! And I was able to get these ten songs out:

Masterplan - My Morning Jacket
Let Down - Radiohead
Down On The Street - Rage Against The Machine
Walk On The Wild Side (remix) - Lou Reed (I don't know who made this remix, it includes new lyrics and a reference to Iraq so it's recent)
Pimple Zoo - Guided By Voices
Low Expectations - Edwyn Collins
Making Plans For Nigel - Nouvelle Vague
Addiction - Kanye West
Sting Me - The Black Crowes
Fanatic Heart - Black 47

Bonus Track:

Slow Hands - Interpol

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