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Monday, December 03, 2007

A Media Creation

Practically since Mitt Romney announced for President, the traditional media has speculated when he would give the big speech, a la JFK, talking about his Mormonism and religious tolerance. It's almost that some pundits have been obsessed with how Romney would have to give the JFK speech. Well, now he's doing it, and it's almost that he was baited into it. The claim is that falling poll numbers in Iowa because his Mormonism is troubling Christian conservative voters has necessitated this speech. I really don't think so, there are a host of reasons that voters are turning to Huckabee, and while religion is a part of it, so are the numerous flip-flops from the Romney camp as well as Huckabee's more populist message.

This is really a case of the media forcing a story on the public. And the outcome in Iowa is close enough that it's going to be affected on whether or not the media decides if Romney does a good job in the speech.

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