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Monday, December 03, 2007

Rove In Their Heads

This is just stupid. Karl Rove writes a fairly conventional column, in the Financial Times of London, no less, so he's not exactly putting it on the front doorstep of every American, suggesting that Barack Obama needs to win Iowa to win the election. I could have written the same thing. So could anyone who knows how to read a poll. The Hillary Clinton campaign immediately goes all "Why is Rove Giving Obama Advice?" and suggests that he really wants to FACE Rove because he knows Obama is vulnerable!!1!

Look, Karl Rove is a professional liar, and a poor political strategist. He used a war to stay in power by the skin of his teeth, and eventually presided over a historic Republican defeat in Congress and a generational shift toward Democrats. All this "Rove wants to face X because he knows Y because he's an evil genius" talk is not only damaging, it's misplaced. Who the hell cares what Karl Rove has to say? Why should any Democrat dignify it with a response?

The Clinton campaign should keep their mouth shut, they look like babbling conspiracy theorists with this nonsense.

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