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Monday, December 03, 2007

Speaking of Dictators

Hugo Chavez is a "dictator" who loses elections. Pervez Musharraf is a "strong civilian leader" who bars chief rivals from competing in elections.

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has been barred from running in January’s parliamentary elections because of a prior conviction, Pakistan’s election commission announced today.

A spokesman for Mr. Sharif, Ahsan Iqbal, said the barring of Mr. Sharif was part of a plan by President Pervez Musharraf and his supporters to rig the elections, and that Mr. Sharif’s lawyers would contest the decision.

Mr. Sharif, a leading opposition figure who was overthrown in a military coup in 1999, was allowed to return from exile last week, and filed nomination papers to represent a district of his home city of Lahore in the parliamentary elections scheduled for Jan. 8. But other candidates in the district challenged his nomination on the grounds that he was convicted in 2000 of hijacking a plane carrying Mr. Musharraf, who was then head of the army, an act that precipitated the bloodless coup.

Just the idea that Sharif could get a fair hearing from a commission that's part of the government of the guy who OVERTHREW HIM AT GUNPOINT is madness.

American coverage of foreign political affairs is very corrupted by official government biases.

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