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Friday, January 04, 2008

John McCain Won Big Among People Who Voted For John McCain

Well, from my watch party-eye's view it seemed to me that it wouldn't be possible to spin the win for McCain after such a decisive victory from Huckabee. But apparently, I was mistaken.

Tonight is a fantastic night for John McCain. … He’s one of the biggest winners of the night. He’s now in a fantastic position. Except for Barack Obama, there’s almost no one you’d rather be tonight than John McCain.

The fluffing is almost embarrassing. Journalists all over the country are doing the walk of shame this morning.

Look, McCain finished FOURTH. A win for Huckabee is not a win for McCain. It's a win for Huckabee. McCain may take New Hampshire by default, but nothing he did yesterday prepped him for that. You're TRYING TO PICK THE CANDIDATE and it's both obvious and embarrassing.

And here's the thing: if McCain and Huckabee last until the finish, then it'll come down to the GOP establishment firewall in South Carolina. Who do you suppose will take that? The Southern preacher, or the guy who was slandered 8 years ago, subject to a whisper campaign that he had a black baby?

Unlike a lot of Democrats, I'd be THRILLED to face John McCain. Anyone who wants to spend a million years in Iraq would be a dream. The only "threat" from McCain is from his natural constituency, the media. This was the line of the night:

I think Kansas will beat Virginia Tech, but the real winner of the Orange Bowl will be John McCain as the merest thought of football reminds voters of his toughness.

UPDATE: Candidates who have the election all sewn up and will float to victory don't launch negative attack ads the same day. Also, what was that part of McCain's speech last night where he said negative attacks don't work?

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