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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Is Bill Clinton Crazy?

I really don't understand this strategy by the campaign trying to win the Democratic nomination of demeaning Democrats who voted for other Democrats.

Of his wife's recent travails, [Bill Clinton] said, "the caucuses aren't good for her. They disproportionately favor upper-income voters who, who, don't really need a president but feel like they need a change."

It's as if they take personally everyone's vote against them. And do upper-income voters not have the ability to care about their country? What the hell is up with this?

Caucuses have been taking place for many decades, they are party-building events, this year with the tremendous turnout they are going to pay huge dividends in November. Everybody who went to the caucus had their information captured by the state parties, and they can use them to turn out volunteers and activists. They aren't all the "idle rich," either. Caucuses are actually a good thing, and if like Maine they all had absentee ballots attached there wouldn't be any disenfranchisement problems at all. Call for changes in the system if you wish, but please, don't denigrate Democrats who vote for Democrats. That's completely idiotic.

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