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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Hey, Catch Up, National Media

Being that I kind of don't pay attention to the national media's delegate counts, I hadn't realized that they were all getting California so very, very wrong, and in fact are about 800,000 votes off from the official tally. Apparently many news organizations predict that Clinton will reap 207 delegates from California, and Obama 163. MSNBC has this. Real Clear Politics has this. CBS has this. The New York Times has this. CNN has it as 204-161 with 5 to be decided. They're all simply wrong, and I know math is hard and everything, but get out your calculators, people.

Here's an example at MSNBC's site. They list 2,144,251 votes for Clinton and 1,746,013 for Obama, which was right... about two weeks ago. The actual official returns, readily available at the Secretary of State's website, are 2,553,784 for Clinton and 2,126,600 for Obama. That's really, really off. The final percentage is 8.7% and MSNBC lists it as 10%. And that translates to a 70-59 split in delegates statewide. They're probably getting that wrong, too, not recognizing that there are two kinds of statewide delegates which are calculated separately. When you add in the district-level delegate allocation (and I could list them all, but trust me on this), you get 203-167. It takes about 10 minutes to come up with this and it's completely irresponsible for the national media to have this wrong for over two weeks, and to relentlessly show a graphic of delegate counts with bad, outdated information. In fact, it calls into question ALL of their other counts.

MSNBC, The New York Times, CBS, CNN and RCP need to get this right, today. They're screwing up and hurting America (again). What a bunch of incompetents.

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