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Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Just read the exit poll numbers in Ohio, which point to a very narrow Clinton victory, within the margin of error. The old coalitions from the pre-Super Tuesday races appeared to hold (Obama with African-Americans, college grads and the wealthy, Clinton with women, downscale voters), but only to a certain extent. When watching the numbers, recognize that Cuyahoga County and Sandusky County will both come in late, and Cuyahoga (which is inner-city Cleveland) prefers to favor Obama.

At any rate, the delegate counts are likely to be pretty even, perhaps even closer than in Vermont. So the central mathematical point, that Clinton will not be able to catch up to Obama, stands.

Buckeye State Blog has good coverage.

UPDATE: I noticed this too. Among voters who thought "the race of the candidate" was an important factor, 6 in 10 went for Clinton, and the two were dead even otherwise. The racist vote appears to have put Clinton over the top here. Not that she necessarily pushed that, but that looks to be what happened. I think that they're holding off on the call until Sandusky and Cuyahoga stop voting.

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