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Monday, March 31, 2008

Reality Has A Well-Known Obama Bias

Watching Bill Clinton's speech yesterday was really like living in an alternate universe. He made all the arguments for his wife that he could have made over a year ago, with no sense of her situation as it stands today. Similarly, a DNC member supporting Senator Clinton told me about a potential "Clinton winning streak" that would convince superdelegates to rally to her side.

And yet...

Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota is expected to endorse Sen. Obama Monday, according to a Democrat familiar with her plans. Meanwhile, North Carolina's seven Democratic House members are poised to endorse Sen. Obama as a group -- just one has so far -- before that state's May 6 primary, several Democrats say.

I know that any politician worth their salt has to say they're in it to win it and that they'll do whatever it takes. If you don't say that nobody will hand you a check. But it's really a bizarre scenario to notice the disconnect between appearance and reality here.

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