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Saturday, March 15, 2008

She Can't Win

If this outcome in Iowa is any indication, the activist Democrats, basically the superdelegates, are simply not going to deliver the election to Clinton no matter what she does. In Iowa, Obama gained 10 delegates and Clinton lost 1 at the county convention, as Edwards delegates drifted to him. This is the delegate poaching that Clinton has claimed is within the bounds, so I don't see how she can object. The system simply wasn't designed for a close race like this, so the inequities in the system are all coming out, but clearly, this says to me that superdelegates and activists aren't moving toward Clinton no matter how many kitchen sinks she throws at Obama.

Clearly Clinton will have to win with the voters, which of course she can't do from the standpoint of pledged delegates. And the popular vote is out of reach, particularly if the do-over in Michigan comes to pass.

There is no path to a nomination. And yet somehow, Pennsylvania is still a "battleground".

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