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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

D-Day Family Straw Poll

If my family, most of whom is over 60, is any indication, Hillary's going to win in a landslide in Pennsylvania today. My parents are both voting for her (in Bucks County, which Obama needs), and I know my paternal grandmother (Northeast Philly) is following suit. Not sure about my aunt and uncle in Bucks, or my cousins or extended family (my younger cousin is a classic young woman who normally wouldn't vote, the kind Democrats need to capture). My mother's family is in Johnstown, and my 80 year-old grandmother has been telling me she's undecided, but I think she's been stringing me along.

They've all been getting dozens of robocalls and mailers (Obama sent my parents a DVD) and are probably happy for this to be over.

I think the secret weapon for Obama today are all of those college towns in the Lehigh Valley and the Northeast part of the state. If they are organized and will actually turn out, we could see a close race.

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