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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Let me echo Bradrocket and Atrios. I'm about 100 or so pages into Nixonland and it's amazingly good. Rick Perlstein has a knack of finding the best contemporaneous sources, the ones which have completely fallen through the cracks of history, and resurrecting them to contruct a credible view of the political times as they were lived, in this case the era from 1965-1972. This book is the antidote to mawkish 60s love letters like Tom Brokaw's 1968. It gives the whole picture, from the silent majority and the hippie backlash on up, and it informs our politics, particularly on the right, up to this very day. It's also just a great read.

You should really order it.

I'll put a full review up when I'm done.

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