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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Breaking The Culture Of Chumminess In Washington

This really makes no sense. I appreciate that Daniel Inouye and Ted Stevens have probably known each other for 50 years, and that Hawaii and Alaska have certain desires to stick together as states off the mainland and help each other out. But I wish Inouye would think about the America he wishes to see, and realize that Ted Stevens stands in front of that vision and blocks it with his every vote. Remaining neutral is fine, but holding a fundraiser for Stevens - who has enough shady characters around his canpaign that he could probably gather enough cash on his own - is beyond the pale. There are actually party rules against this that both Senators have habitually ignored. But with Mark Begich we actually have a shot at beating Sen. Series of Tubes this year, and I don't know how a Democrat in good conscience can do this.

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