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Friday, May 23, 2008

Down Goes Parsley

There's a whole lotta renouncing going on over at John McCain's joint. Now he's rejected the endorsement of end-timer Rod Parsley, and he really seems shaken up by any possibility of having to play defense in the fall. In the past week, we've got 5 lobbyists, 2 ministers and a crapload of health records (tightly controlled and showed to reporters, not doctors) left by the wayside. The Parsley story was on Good Morning America the other day, but it was not yet what you would call "mainstream." It was wrong of McCain to seek out the endorsements of these religious right figures in the first place, and just cutting them loose as soon as anyone discovers what they have been preaching all these years is duplicitous as well. The idea that Parsley calling Islam inherently violent is novel among a certain strain of fundamentalist preachers is nonsense. McCain knew better at the time, he just panicked when word got out.

And for that, we have to credit Bruce Wilson at Talk2Action for willing this story into the national debate. He uncovered the Hagee sermon about Hitler performing God's will that was the catalyst for his sacking, and he's been tireless at making this story so big that it couldn't be ignored. A D-Day tip of the chapeau to him.

The right never stopped using Jeremiah Wright as a "judgment" issue. The media will certainly try to turn tail on this, but we shouldn't stop using Hagee and Parsley. Bruce Wilson will be at the head of that line.

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