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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

FL-25: Proving His Thesis

So Joe Garcia, a House candidate in South Florida who I really like, produced his first ad of the year hitting Mario Diaz-Balart for focusing solely on anti-Castro rhetoric and Cuba policy at the expense of everything else.

In response, Diaz-Balart... accuses Garcia of taking money from Castro.

And this is where it gets ridiculous: Mario Diaz-Balart's campaign has coupled this release with a whisper campaign that says we're taking donations from the Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro regimes. In the past few days, our campaign has received numerous calls about this.

They're claiming it's coming in the form of contributions lower than $200, which no campaign is required to report the provenance or identity of.

Still, it's pretty amusing that Diaz-Balart's response proves Garcia's point, no?

This is going to be a race to watch.

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