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Thursday, May 29, 2008


Looks like the DNC and the Obama campaign will probably give Michigan and Florida half of the delegates and seat them at the convention. That's as fair as any compromise, I suppose, retaining the rules of the party while recognizing the votes that took place.

But it's important to note that NOTHING about the DNC's process is exactly fair, and it alternately benefits the Clinton campaign and the Obama campaign. I seem to have a cyber-stalker yelling at me about some article I wrote hitting the Clinton campaign for trying to shut down at-large caucuses at the casinos in Vegas (caucuses she WON, by the way), so I want to make this clear. The delegate process is inherently unfair and disproportional. Did you know that later states were rewarded for staying put with extra delegates? Did you know Puerto Rico offers more delegates than 15 or 20 states even though its residents can't vote in the general election? Do you understand how that benefits the Clinton campaign?

The problem is the system itself. The difference is that I've always argued in deference to the rules as they exist now, with an eye toward changing them immediately afterwards. That's because all Democratic campaigns signed on to the process knowing full well about the rules. So it's only their fault if they decide later that the rules are conspiring against them. Every Clinton supporter on the Rules and Bylaws Committee voted to strip Michigan and Florida of delegates. The problem I have with Clinton is that she wants to play Calvinball and change the rules in the middle of the game.

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