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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Man I Wish I Saw This 24 Hours Ago

So I had a real good time at the book party for Rick Perlstein last night with Kevin Drum, Mark Kleiman, Todd Beeton, Vernon Lee, Armed Liberal from Winds of Change, my pal Digby and a couple others whose URLs escape me at the moment. Toward the end of the night, Mickey Kaus (no URL offered by me) showed up, as he occasionally does at the sporadic blogging get-togethers here in SoCal. He did not have his date Ann Coulter on his arm this time. I didn't hear this, but apparently he started talking people up about the Edwards love child story. Yes, he's as captivated by nonsense like that in public!

I really, really wish I had seen this bloggingheads takedown by Jonathan Alter beforehand (h/t LGM)

I've never seen a better distillation of the vacuousness of Kaus' "contrarian" shtick than that. I'm envious of Alter for not coming up with it myself, or for doing a "live bloggingheads session" and saying that to his face. Actually I usually just leave the room without acknowledging him.

On the bright side, I did see blogtopia's (y, sctp) most famous cats live and in person!

Oh, and buy Rick Perlstein's Nixonland, it rocks!

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