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Saturday, May 17, 2008

ME-Sen: Iraq Explodes Into Maine's Senate Race

Iraq is still going to be the major issue in the 2008 election, no matter how everyone wants to forget about it. The contours may be different, but the issue is still Iraq. If we're not talking about withdrawal or 100 years of occupation, we may be talking about waste, fraud, abuse, private military contractors, and government corruption. The Bush Administration ignored corruption in Iraq and from contractors like Halliburton and Blackwater. And now, progressive Democrat Tom Allen is hammering Susan Collins for the same thing - failing to conduct oversight of the massive corruption and profit-taking from these corporations. She's been the chair or the ranking member of the chief oversight committee in the Senate during the entire war, and she hasn't done a damn thing to see to the efficient management of the war machine. This report on a local TV station in Portland is pretty devastating, and a credit to local journalism in its ferocity.

The Portland Press-Herald also weighed in about this. Allen is starting to break through, and the issue he's using is Iraq.

Allen, who would be a major improvement and would be both a "more" and "better" Democrat, is within striking distance. Races like this will be the difference between a robust Democratic caucus in the Senate and a filibuster-proof landslide.

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