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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ride On The Peace Train

George Bush is a peace man, according to George Bush.

The president also was asked if it might not serve Israel's interests to have Hezbollah take control of Lebanon - giving the Israelis a good reason to attack the country.

"I'm a peace man,'' Bush said. "I will tell you that I would much rather have the Siniora government succeed and survive, and that there be peaceful -- a peaceful process. I think we ought to all work to prevent the necessity for armed conflict in order to solve problems. ''

One of the ways to promote peace is to... strengthen the Lebanese Army, apparently, by giving them more equipment and training... so they can enter into peaceful negotiations with their enemies, presumably.

Not that there should be some sort of surrender to Hezbollah or anything, but can we pick one country in the world and NOT provide them with all kinds of military power and then pretend we're doing it to promote peace?

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