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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Wankfest '08

I'm watching live coverage of the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee meeting, and having sat through a lot of these kinds of meetings in the California Democratic Party, let me say that I am pretty thrilled that I have a channel changer. There's no "fair" answer to this, as I've been saying for a while. The flaw is the entire system, and as such every wanker and partisan supporter can very easily argue the position favorable to their side and pretend they have full authority and legitimacy - which they actually do. Chuck Todd explains this in kind of a loopy way, and he uses estimates and projections which I believe is out of bounds. But if you seat Florida and Michigan fully you disenfranchise those who may have voted but didn't, and if you don't seat them you disenfranchise those who did vote. So it's not like there's a good answer here, and people are only pretending there are because they want a particular candidate to be victorious.

This is a circus, it's nuts, and it's entirely the fault of a shortsighted approach to delegate selection by the DNC which must not happen again.

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