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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Who Rules Their World?

Funny, so Lurita Doan completely abuses her job, uses the General Services Administration to help out Republican members of Congress in their re-election campaigns, is shown a briefing on how her staff can help Republicans and enthusiastically agrees, stays in her job for about a year, claims she was singled out because she is black when I don't think anyone actually knew she was black, finally gets canned after the media long forgot about her and her incompetence, and Karen Tumulty of Time can only say what took so long, as if she doesn't know that without sustained media pressure EVERYONE in this Administration gets off easy. Then she claims that the Doan story was on the front page of the Washington Post once, so clearly the media did its job. As Atrios says:

It is a mystery, though, isn't it. Some stories land front page of the Washington Post and then just sort of disappear, never to be heard from again. Some light up the Drudge siren, get talked about nonstop on cable news, breathless Politico reports, follow up stories, editorials, coverage in weekly news magazines.

And no one in the press quite understands how this happens. Some stories magically take flight, and some don't. It's all very strange.

I wish we could get to the bottom of who controls that process. It's not like newspapers, magazines and TV news shows have editors who manage what goes in the paper. I just don't kn-

Hold on, DRUDGE ALERT!!!! Rev. Wright found eating arugula without wearing a flag pin!

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